About Us

Robin Royd Christmas Lights are about three families from Mirfield that adorn their adjoining houses in festive lighting to raise money for various charities.

The three families are the Highes, the Swailes and the Greens.

To date they have managed to raise thousands of pounds for local charities.

This website is here to let you know all about the Lights and the Fundraising.

Please have a look around and enjoy our site.

Many years ago, Derek Highe decorated his house with christmas lights for the benefit of his children. His neighbours Bob and Margaret Swailes along with David and Tracy Green also put some lights up. The amount of christmas lights started to grow bigger and bigger each year. Many passing people would stop and admire them.

Following the death of one of Derek’s footballing friends they decided that the lights would be put up in order to raise money for various charities.

The first switch on event raised £1100.00 for the Oesophageal Patients Association and £1100.00 for Zack Jones (of Lower Hopton).

The event in 2004 attracted a feature on Yorkshire Televisions Calendar. Further events have continued to raise money.

The 2008 Switch on by Duncan Wood of Calendar helped raise a record amount of £4563.00. Thank you ALL.

Generous donations in 2020 totalled £7256.25 bringing a truly amazing total of £63,650.62, well done everyone and thank you once again.